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Techniques for Gradings

Some pictures used to show kids the techniques are so bad, I can't even understand what is going on.  
Here's the lunchboxes I draw for my kid to help her learn the technique names:

Ippon Seoi Nage - Orange Belt

One arm, back carry throw.

The important thing here is teaching the body position which allows you to "carry" Uke on your back.  Otherwise it ends up as a hip throw.

Morote Seoi Nage - Yellow Belt

Two handed back carry throw

It's in the name.  You carry them on your back, not your hip.  

Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 4.51.32 PM.png

Taiotoshi - Yellow Belt

Body Drop

So, so, so important that the arms stay in front of the body.  Kids get so caught up in remembering where their feet go, they forget this is a hand technique.


Ogoshi - Yellow Belt

Major hip throw.

The arm goes all the way around the waist and Tori makes a full turn.  Getting your belt below theirs is the key.

Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 4.52.16 PM.png

Șase Tsuri Komi Ashi - Yellow Belt

Propping drawing ankle throw

Hard name for kids to remember.

This teaches a fundamental idea of moving out of the way of your opponents force, putting in a block and then "wheeling them around", rather than trying to lift them.


Tsuri Goshi - Yellow Belt

Lifting Hip Throw

Gripping on to the belt, over Uke's shoulder, around their waist or even at the front.  Using the gripping hand to lift 

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